Gumroad – Anthony Jones – Character Design – 1-3

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Gumroad – Anthony Jones – Character Design – 1-3

Character Design - Part 1 - From Idea to Sketch
PART 1 of a 5 part video series.
45 minutes
Tool Presets
Photoshop Hotkeys
And Extra!

This video will cover my basic character design process from an Idea to Sketches. I will help cover specifically how I brainstorm before and then start thumbnails then paint inside them to get them ready to be shown.

Character Design - Part 2 - Exploring Deeper
PART 2 of a 5 part video series.
45 minutes
Tool Presets, Brushes (Photoshop CC)
and revised PSD

This video will cover how I take my ideas from my early thumb sketches and make them more developed. From here It's about capturing the character, the vibe I want to give her.

Character Design - Part 3 - Beginning the Final
PART 3 of a 5 part video series.
55 minutes
Actions, Hotkeys (Photoshop CC)

This video will cover how to take your sketch and start the final stages of the concept. I will begin to start the orthographic as well with this process and get the concept ready to be modeled.

Download: Gumroad – Anthony Jones – Character Design – 1-3

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jeffrey spinner
jeffglobal writes:
Has anyone successfully installed this yet? I couldn't install the older version of Nuke, even though I was able
arshad writes:
FXPHD - Fusion Fundamentals, Part 1 - FUS110 FXPHD - Fusion Fundamentals, Part 2 - FUS110 Please if u can,
locuaz writes:
this works!PsxggCjR!SY54zCUcA_trcm8PQKS_5atEWH8MEV0ZGrrKt2cQO9U
Renato de Souza
Renato1989 writes:
Hi, Thx for your help everything works fine.
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